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Olimpia L'ecologica

Olimpia L’Ecologica is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of  environmentally friendly painting systems. The employment of best-brand and highest-quality materials guarantees total compliance with both the EU and Atex regulations. Our technicians constantly commit themselves to improving both quality and performance and they rely on the cooperation with  research institutes and qualified experts. AlberiOur expertise is the result of  the work of  qualified co-operators who have been designing and manufacturing paint booths and painting systems for over 30 years. We distinguish ourselves for the constantly positive results and for  providing our customers with continuous assistance, both before and after sale. It is because of our policy that European top companies have entrusted us with the realization of many of their projects, thus becoming our references and pride.

With its 30-year experience in the field of paint booths, today Olimpia L’Ecologica is a leading company in this sector, thanks to its reliability, to the competence of both its technicians and operators, to the investments in research and technological innovation and to the meticulous attention to the smallest details. Our production focuses on the wood sector, but we deal also in the metal, textile, stone, glass and plastic fields.

Olimpia L’Ecologica offers a wide range of outstanding quality products designed to guarantee proper environmental safeguard. All our plants are designed as modular systems and are electrically wired. They have been designed for smooth and quick installation and maintenance, which can be carried out also by non-specialized operators. Attention has been devoted also to the optimisation of the packaging and of the overall dimensions, in order to minimize management costs.

Olimpia L’Ecologica is capable of finding a customized solution for every single need: you can arrange an appointment and one of our technicians will conduct an inspection at your plant in order to analyse and weigh your needs and suggest the most suitable solution. In our stock, you will also find a wide range of accessories, components and spare parts.

Olimpia L’Ecologica’s systems fully comply with all the safety requirements set forth by the relevant  EU standards as well as by the Atex regulations.

Each delivery is equipped with its own use-and-maintenance manual and accompanied by a declaration of conformity. FoglieUpon request, we can also modify and adapt already existing systems to the Atex regulations. In addition, in order to make our devotion to our customers even greater, we have implemented a planned-maintenance policy. This involves periodical annual inspections at our customers’ premises, in order to  guarantee that the supplied system maintains its proper working characteristics.

Olimpia L’Ecologica is a guarantee of high quality, rapidity, efficiency, spare-part delivery and  of MADE-IN-ITALY.